ACTIVI-T a fully integrated solution

  • Time Management for Employees and Projects (Mandats)
  • Time Entry: Billable or Not
  • Timestamp Module
  • Expense Management for Projects (Mandats)
  • Employees Expense Accounts Management with pictures (ex.: invoices)
  • Management of Hour Banks
  • Fixed or Hourly Billing
  • Detailed or Summary Invoicing
  • Deadlines Tracking and Recall
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Evaluation of Projects (Mandats) Profitability
  • Statistics by Employees, Customers and Projects (Mandats)
  • Management of Customers and Projects (Mandats) Informations

In addition to meeting all the management needs of professionals

  • ACTIVI-T can be configured according to user needs. It can work with two or three levels of management
  • ACTIVI-T allows to Manage Employees as well as Projects (Mandats)
  • ACTIVI-T provides mechanisms for approving time worked and expenses incurred
  • ACTIVI-T has a security access management by user groups
  • ACTIVI-T can integrate with ACOMBA and AVANTAGE accounting softwares


“After several months of research to find a software that would meet various needs in our architecture firm such as billing, project management and employee time sheets, we found ACTIVI-T; a Quebec-based company that offers a software capable of managing all our needs, affordable, with a customer service accessible and always willing to help. It is a thoughtful software adapted to all customer needs, providing a wide variety of functions and reports and, at the same time, easy to use. We really recommend that software.”

“We have been working with UNI-T Technologies since 2009 and we use the ACTIVI-T software like a Swiss army knife. Our needs being very specific (link with Acomba, merger of invoices with Word), several users, invoicing of fees, evaluation of projects … Only ACTIVI-T answered precisely and according to our expectations. Our regular billing, monthly invoicing, sending them by e-mail, time sheets, work in progress, all these tasks go through ACTIVI-T and we would not do without it. The software is simple to use, full of convenience, very complete and even, honestly, we are convinced not to have done all the tour! The tasks that put us off have become so easy.

We greatly appreciate UNI-T Technologies’ attentive, solid and customer-focused customer service. Thank you a thousand times for lightening our workload!”

“After extensive research with no results, we finally found the ACTIVI-T software. It is a software package which is very complete, easy to use, which allows us to maintain constant control of our work in progress and all that surrounds the invoicing for time and expenses. Our software needs were complex: multiple companies, link with Acomba accounting software, invoice merging with MS Word, etc…ACTIVI-T met all challenges. The technical support from ACTIVI-T was great and they took the time to analyze our needs and met our expectations with speed and professionalism. Good continuity”

“We used an older version of Activi-T PRO, with the technical support of UNI-T technology, our old database has been transferred completely. It’s really a plus for us. Support for adding or changing some functions to adapt ACTIVI-T to our company, was greatly appreciated. This software is easy to use, perfect for the management of work in progress andtime sheets for payroll preparation. Using ACTIVI-T with its link to Avantage accounting system is perfect when creatingcustomer and billing. We are very satisfied with the software and given service. Thank you to the whole team.”

“We use the software ACTIVI-T for our time management and invoicing. When we have questions about the features of the software or technical issues, UNI-T Technologies has always been able to provide prompt quality service and with exemplary courtesy. In our opinion, UNI-T technologies, with its ACTIVI-T software is able to offer all types of businesses a time management and billing solution simple, friendly and at a price very affordable. Thanks to the whole team. “

“We have been using the ACTIVI-T software for over five years and we are very satisfied. ACTIVI-T allows us to track with precision the time of our interveners as well as the costs for each of our activities. Due to its flexibility ACTIVI-T has allowed us to consolidate all the information about our members in one unique solution. In addition, our interveners now have a remarkable collaboration platform. We also use the accounting software AVANTAGE that integrates seamlessly with the ACTIVI-T software for billing of our members. We strongly recommend the use of this software very easy to use. Congratulations to the whole team!”